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End User License

TIKI Navionics Gold is
a PC chart plotter program. The program works with Navionics vector charts. Navionics has charts for World coverage.

TIKI Navionics Gold communicates with GPS, AIS, autopilot and instruments for wind, depth, compass and speed log.


You can download a free trial of TIKI here.
The demo will convert to the full version when you input your license key.


The license for TIKI Navionics Gold will allow you to install the program on up to 3


The use of TIKI Navionics Gold is at the sole risk of the user. We cannot warrant that the functions contained in the software will meet your requirements for a particular
purpose, nor that the software operation will be uninterrupted, error free, or perfectly accurate. While we try to make TIKI as trouble free as practical, you accept the fact that no amount of testing can absolutely prove the absence of errors.

In no event will TIKI Navigator A.s. be liable to you for any damages including, but not
limited to, any lost profits, lost savings, or other incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use of, or the inability to use, the software, or for any claims by any other party.

Copyright (c)

Copyright (C) 2004 Tiki Navigator As, Ovre Hon Terrasse10 A, 1384 Asker, Norway.
All rights reserved. TIKI Navionics Gold (TM) is a registered trademark of Tiki Navigator A.s., Asker, Norway.


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