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Contact info:

Fred W. Jenssen
TIKI Navigator As
Ovre Hon Terrasse 10 B
1384 Asker


Tel: (00-47) 66 78 48 21

Between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM
US Eastern Standard Time

Between 13:00 and 23:00
Central European Time

If you have questions about my TIKI programs, send me an email - and please leave your telephone number. Some questions are best handled by phone

email: tikimail@tiki-navigator.com 

TIKI is more than
a business.
It's a passion.

My name is Fred W. Jenssen. I've been a sailor for more than 30 years, cruising in Scandinavian, North Sea, UK, North Atlantic, Mediterranean, Caribbean and US waters.
Since before the arrival of the GPS I have been interested in electronic navigation, and I have spent more money on chart plotters and PC navigation software than I would care to think about. Some bad ones and some very advanced, but they had one thing in common. All were claimed to be easy to use.
I respectfully, but strongly disagree.
So, when I set out to create my own program, I decided to go against the flow. Instead of thinking of fancy features, my first goal was to create an intuitive user interface with an integrated help system. Anyone should be able to learn the basics in less than an hour - and discover the rest as they go along - without ever having to read a thick manual.

How did it go?
I'm happy to say that only 2 years after the first release TIKI became Norway's best selling navigation software for raster charts. The two biggest boating magazines in Norway gave it the "Best in Test" award as the easiest to learn and use navigation software.
TIKI has also got very good reviews in international magazines like Yachting World, Sailing Today and Cruising World. I have no problem admitting that this makes me proud. Maybe it will even be a commercial success in the future, I keep my hopes high. But no matter what happens, I will continue to improve TIKI. It's a passion.

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