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TIKI Navionics
Gold 3.2

PC Chart Plotter for Navionics Gold
and Platinum Cards

Download a Free Trial Now!

License for 3 PC's
$188.- /EURO 148.-

VAT will be added in EU countries

Copy charts to HDD

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Windows: XP, Vista, 7/8/10.
RAM: 1 GB or more
Processor: 1 GHz or better
Screen resolution:
Minimum 800x600 (SVGA)
1024x768 (XGA) or higher recommended
Charts: Navionics+ Gold or Platinum on SD or Compact Flash card
Card reader - to copy the card to the hard drive. You can use any card reader.

End User License Agreement

What happens
if you don't upgrade to 3.2 ?

Nothing at first.
But if you update your Navionics
card or buy a new card,
TIKI may not load your charts.
New or updated cards
require TIKI Gold version 3.2

Here are some features
that you miss if you are still running 2.2

They were all added in version 3.0

Automatic chart panning 
when you take a bearing or create a route

The mouse cursor is no longer restricted by the chart view.
When the cursor gets close to the screen edges the chart moves.

 A faster way to create waypoints

To create new waypoints you normally go to Waypoint mode.
But in version 3.0 there is a simpler way - without changing mode:
Just "right-click" the chart where you want to place the waypoint.
and click "NEW WP" in the pop-up panel.

A faster way to check chart objects

Just "left-click and hold" on any chart object.
In about one second the Navionics object information pops up.

A faster way to view ports

Whenever you click port name TIKI centers the chart on that port.

One-click screen tool to toggle chart layers

A Navionics chart consists of 30 layers that can be turned on or off.
To simplify this TIKI has 5 editable layer sets.
and in version 3.0 you can access these with this screen tool.
If you want to display all the layers, click button 1.
To show less, click button 2, 3, 4 - or 5 for a minimum of layers..
To see or change what each of the layers displays, click Edit.

Get route information
just by pointing at a route point

When you point the mouse cursor at a route point,
TIKI calculates DTG distance to go, TTG time to go, and ETA
estimated time of arrival - based on boat speed.

Selective AIS tracking

If you for whatever reason would like to track other AIS vessels,
you can do this with TIKI 3.0. Selective tracking was originally created
for a special Search And Rescue version of TIKI.

Merge routes

When you combine 2 routes, the merged route is saved
with a new name while the original routes remain unchanged.

Merge tracks

Other track/ log book news
The track and the log book is backed up every 10 minutes.
And the replay function is improved

Fine tune the Anchor Watch

When you start the watch, the anchor is set at GPS position.
You should however change this when things have settled down.
Click the button "Adjust anchor position" and place
the anchor at the estimated right place relative to the boat mark.


TIKI can now print route tables, log books and the chart view.

 New Dead Reckoning interface

If your GPS should ever fail, TIKI gives you the option to navigate
with dead reckoning - like in "good old" days : )
Version 3.0 has a new easy to use dead reckoning control.


Navionics Gold charts on SD or CF cards Yes
Navionics Platinum charts - (only 2D chart and limited Platinum features) Yes
Raster charts ? No
AIS Support Yes
Autopilot Yes
Log, Wind, Compass, Depth Sounder Yes
New Magnifyer to make symbols and text easier to read Yes
North Up and Course Up Yes
Tides and Current Yes
Digital information in the chart Yes
Platinum features (Port info and port photos only) Yes
Number of chart windows 1
Boat in center Yes
Boat placed for max view ahead Yes
Select the next chart automatically Yes
Wind graphics Yes
Fullscreen mode Yes
Manual chart correction No
Boat position,, SOG og COG Yes
Single bearings - Now with time calculation Yes
Serial bearings - Now with time calculation Yes
True or Magnetic bearings Yes
Route administrator Yes
Max number of points in a route 500
Unlimited number of routes Yes
GPX Export/import of route Yes
Course, distanse, time to go - and ETA at next route point Yes
XTE cross track error from route line Yes
VMG to next route point Yes
Steering Compass Yes
Route table with course, distance, TTG and ETA Yes
Show and save boat track Yes
Show any old track Yes
Dead Reckoning if the GPS fails Yes
Man Over Board navigation Yes
Logbook Yes
Create route from saved tracks Yes
Advanced waypoint manager Yes
Unlimited number of waypoints Yes
Attach JPG pictures to waypoints Yes
Waypoint Search Yes
GPX Export/ import of waypoints Yes
Screen Dimmer for night sailing Yes
Replay of saved tracks Yes
Anchor Watch Yes
Print chart view, log books and route tables Yes

Are you still using a system that requiresthe Navionics MultiCard Reader? Click here!

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