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Vi forhandler Navionics kartbrikker for både TIKI og kartplottere

Her får du markedets garantert laveste priser!

My name is Fred W. Jenssen.

I am a seasoned sailor with a passion for creating user friendly marine navigation software.

If you have questions about my TIKI programs, send me an email. I will usually get back to you in just a few hours, 48 hours at the very latest.

Send email- eller call 941 92 624 between
13:00 og 23:00 - every day.
Or send SMS to 94 19 26 24.


End User License Agreement

TIKI Navionics Gold
Normal price NOK 1,890
Offer price NOK1.390

The problem that TIKI
has struggled with this winter
has been solved!

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Keep it clean!

This is what TIKI normally looks like when you are sailing and not working with the program.
Just a clean chart with your boat position & course line, and if you will, a route line and track line. You also have a frame of large, easy to read databoxes - but even they can be hidden if you want the chart to fill the whole screen.

 So Where are the Menus and Tool Bars?

TIKI has really big menu buttons, but they are hidden when you don't need them. TIKI's menu panel opens when you move the mouse to the right edge of the screen. When you move the mouse on to the chart again, the menu panel disappears. It's quick and easy.

It's the same with TIKI's many tool bars. They pop up at hot spots on the edge of the screen, and disappears when you're done with them.

 Panning and Zooming

1. To pan the chart in any direction just click and hold the left button - and the chart will follow your mouse movement.
2. To zoom in or out very quickly at the center of the chart click the Plus and Minus buttons at the top of the screen.
3. If you want to zoom in on a certain position of the chart, just right-click on that point - and a multi tool will pop up under the mouse. Here you can both pan and zoom - and get info on the point you clicked.

 Checking Chart Details with the Mouse

1. Point anywhere on the chart. The magnifier will continuously show an enlarged view of the area as you move the mouse, making symbols and text easier to read.
2. To see more details, press and hold the right mouse button, and TIKI zooms into a more detailed chart.
3. Release the mouse button to return to your previous view. .

 North Up or Course Up ?

North Up is best when you work in TIKI, creating or editing routes or waypoints etc. But many prefer Course Up when they are sailing. Changing between North and Course Up is done with a click.

 Help is Built Into the Mouse

TIKI's help system is simple and much quicker than the traditional Windows help system.
Point with the mouse anywhere in the program, on the chart, any graphic item, menu or button, and the Mouse Help will tell you what it is and what you can do. A simple click turns the MouseHelp on/off.

 Wind, Log, Compass and Depth Sounder

With integrated instruments or a multiplexer TIKI can display data from your wind instrument, log, compass and depth sounder. True and appearant wind direction can be displayed as graphic arrows on the chart, and you can set i.e. a depth alarm to trigger a warning.

TIKI can also send steering data to your autopilot, so that it will follow a route created in TIKI.

 Collision Avoidance

TIKI supports AIS. With a receiver connected, all vessels with AIS transponder Class A or B will be displayed on the chart with course line, speed indicator and collision danger warning. TIKI can even simulate the predicted situation 2 to 10 minutes ahead.

 Tides, Current and Object Information

TIKI can display the tidal data in Navionics Gold and Platinum charts. It can show you the strength and direction of the current at any time.
On a Navionics chart you can click on object, such as a light or buoy, and retrieve additional information. You can have a list of all the ports in the charts pop up, and jump to any port with a single click.

 You Don't Make Accidental Mistakes in TIKI

TIKI will not allow critical functions to be executed without a warning. It will always ask for your confirmation. The confirmation panel appears immediately under the mouse and you only have to click 'Yes' or 'No'. It's quick and does not slow down the process.

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